Here we show you two different ways in which you can install the shi18ny package:

To use shi18ny in your Shiny apps

The easiest way to use shi18ny to internationalize your Shiny apps and make data science more accessible across the world is by installing the package with the devtools::install_github() function. Note that the devtools package needs to be installed before you can run this function.

# install.packages("devtools")

To contribute

If you want to contribute to shi18ny in any of the ways suggested in vignette("contributing"), the steps to download, build and install the package is as follows:

  1. Fork the repository to your own Github account.
  2. Open Git Bash and change the working directory to the location where you want the cloned repository.
  3. Clone the repository from your Github account using the following command in the Git Bash:
git clone
  1. In R, set the working directory to be the file path to the folder called shi18ny that you just created by cloning the repository, for example:
  1. Make sure the devtools package is installed, and then build the package:
  1. You can now install the package:

Naming conventions

If you want to contribute to shi18ny please create a local branch based on the master branch before making any of your changes. For name of this branch, please use the following naming conventions:

  • for new features: feature/name_of_feature
  • for bug fixes: fix/name_of_fix
  • for anything else, for example changes to the documentation: misc/name_of_change